The art of Swiss Engineering for connoisseurs

Our engineers combined the internal device components of the compact coffee machine of Thermoplan into modules without screw connections, for easy assembly and maintenance. Despite the highly compact design, smart solutions for heat and steam protection guarantee continuous operations.

Masterpiece in form and function.
The art of Swiss engineering for connoisseurs.

Maximum flexibility in confined spaces: our engineers combined the internal device components of the compact coffee machine from innovation leader Thermoplan into modules which, without screw connections, make for quick assembly with the outer shell during production and easy maintenance during use.Despite the incredibly compact design,
smart solutions for protection from heat and steam guarantee  uninterrupted operation in the hospitality industry. A complex masterpiece with which the HAKAMA team once again proves its expertise. It’s not for nothing that one of the largest coffee company chains has been using Thermoplan appliances with HAKAMA housings for years.

Ingeniously designed and developed in close cooperation:

with the customer: modules and housing form a stable unit even without the inner chassis. The modular design facilitates the assembly of four
different units.

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System assembly
    Complex, heterogeneous assemblies

Devices and equipment manufacturing

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