Reliable in-barrel drying of bulk material

A zinc coating plant was looking for ways to increase its capacity. Read how the company achieved this goal by investing in-drum dryers and consumes up to 60% less energy than by using comparable exhaust air dryers.

Starting position

A zinc coating plant in Switzerland wanted to increase its capacities and turned to HARTER GmbH with this request.

To achieve the goals of the zinc coating plant, hard dryers were integrated into the process chain, enabling drying directly in the drum.


More than 60% less energy than comparable exhaust air dryers

The galvanizing plant introduced a drying system consisting of two drum dryers, each with a double drum unit. After the last rinse, the drums are fed directly into the dryer where they are dried completely, safely and gently within 10 minutes. The drying temperature is 70°C. The drums are moved minimally during drying. As standard, each dryer is equipped with an automatic lid system to keep the valuable heat in the system. Each dryer is equipped with 4 circulating air fans with a connected load of 1.6 kW each. Two so-called Airgenex® modules, which process the process air, are connected to the dryers. Each dryer has a total connected load of 14.45 kW. It has been proven that the two condensation dryers with heat pumps consume over 60% less energy than comparable exhaust air dryers.

Condensation drying with a heat pump makes it possible to dry bulk materials completely directly in the drum. The perfect interplay of dehumidification and air flow reduces energy consumption and costs.

By cooperating with HARTER GmbH, the zinc coating plant succeeded in reducing its energy consumption and increasing its capacities.

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