Mechanical components for the improvement of vision systems

A vision system was developed to improve the productivity of distribution centres and enable accurate sorting of parcels. Solutions were examined that could be functionally and aesthetically integrated into the company's industrial system.

The customer's challenge

A leading global manufacturer of vision systems for automation developed a system designed to improve the productivity of distribution centers and enable accurate parcel sorting.

Milltech was commissioned by the customer to develop a mechanical component in which the customer's electronic systems could be easily mounted.


What factors contributed to winning the order?

Milltech had to study various personalized solutions to integrate quickly, aesthetically and pleasantly into the company's industrial system. This system was designed to improve the productivity of courier services and distribution centers drastically. Milltech offers a mechanical part in which the customer's electronic systems can be easily assembled and which can be efficiently mounted on the automatic distribution line.


What were the main challenges?

How do you produce high-precision micromechanical parts on an industrial scale?

To meet this need, Milltech has developed specific tools that allow shorter machining times.

How can the customer be helped to industrialize the product to reduce production costs?

To meet this requirement, Milltech worked with the customer to develop the main machining processes in such a way that they were highly efficient and easily repeatable even during the prototyping phase.

How do you support the customer in case of problems with the appearance of the parts?

Milltech had to add a specific machining process that minimizes the welding spots and allows the entire surface to be painted. To produce a part "free pass." For Milltech, this meant studying a mechanical part to which other optical, electronic and opto-mechatronic components could be precisely added. The solution was a specific ultrasonic cleaning for decreasing the part.

How can Milltech guarantee timely deliveries even during production peaks?

For this purpose, Milltech organized a stock.


How can Milltech guarantee deliveries all over the world?

Thanks to its many years of sales experience all over the world (since 2010), Milltech can guarantee punctual deliveries anywhere.

The main advantages for the customer

  • Price advantage thanks to the production efficiency of personalized solutions
  • Easy assembly of mechanical parts into the customer's electronic system (further cost savings)
  • Excellent optics of the part
  • Delivered on time worldwide thanks to Milltech's internal organization
  • Market introduction of a product which direct competitors are still unable to introduce due to mechanical problems


In summary, what are the most important strengths of MILLTECH?

  • The ability to complete the entire production cycle, from the technical drawing of the part to prototyping and production of the finished piece.
  • Production volume flexibility: Milltech can quickly switch from small to medium runs
  • Joint development: the R&D department has experienced technicians. This allows innovative personalized solutions to be developed together with the customer.
  • Thanks to its many years of sales experience all over the world (since 2010), Milltech can guarantee punctual deliveries anywhere.
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