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TORGEN (Switzerland) GmbH is manufacturer of flexiblestainless steel hoses, expansion joints, compressed airsupply lines, industrial armatures and accessories...easy maintenance ....... ready for delivery ....... technically competent

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Torgen (Switzerland) GmbH is a producer of metal hoses made of stainless steel, solar pipes systems, expansion joints, corrugated tubes, compressed-air lines, industrial fittings and accessories ...Established in 1996, the company has built up over the last years a good mutual customerrelationship with national and international references, not least thanks to our clear focus on individual customer requirements.Our product range is constantly developing and fulfils the requirements of a dynamic market.Apart from our large standard product range, available ex-stock in Spreitenbach, we alsosell flexible components such as expansion joints, vibration absorbers, metal hoses and thermal solar pipe systems, assembled to customer‘s specification

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