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Outsource your production to Switzerland» Work with us and benefit from our longstanding ex-perience in 14 industries.

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As our customer, you benefit from our many years of experience and simple processes. You have direct access to the responsible specialists and can count on our commitment to your project.


Types of collaboration
Individual projects for industry, trade, administration and private individuals. Services in 14 industries.

Outsourcing We take over complete production chains or parts of them.

Shop-in-shop production Our employees work on-site at the customer’s premises and are assisted by our specialists.

Project groups Painting, gardening and cleaning work carried out in cooperation with SMEs.

Contract staff Single or multiple contract employees available for specific time periods or projects.

Cooperation Training Exchange of apprentices between Stiftung Brändi and an SME.

Integration Companies in the general labor market hire people with disabilities after training.

Certification / Standards
·    ISO 9001:2015
General Information
Company size
500+ employees
Founded in
Kriens, Switzerland
Stiftung Brändi Kriens

Horwerstrasse 123
6010 Kriens
Luzern, Switzerland
6011 Luzern

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