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We are the exclusive manufacturer of the industry-leading Spirolox® Retaining Rings, an innovative design that features a no gap, 360° retaining surface. We are also the originator of Crest to Crest® Wave Springs which save up to 50% of space compared to conventional coil springs.


What makes Smalley different? 

Our Products:

All Smalley retaining rings, wave springs, and constant section rings are manufactured with our unique edgewinding process. This eliminates any tooling charges, greatly increases design flexibility and reduces lead times as dies do not have to be produced. 

Retaining Rings - Unlike die-stamped circlips/retaining rings, Spirolox Retaining Rings are coiled to the exact diameter required. They have a uniform cross-section or to use our terminology, "No Ears to Interfere" within an assembly and are free of burs. Spirolox Retaining Rings meet military and aerospace specifications and are found in thousands of mechanical products around the world. 

Wave Springs - Wave springsd are precise flat wire compression springs that fit into assemblies where space is at a premium. Since the overall lengths and operating heights of wave springs are lower than those of conventional round wire springs. They will often reduce the size of the spring cavity by as much as 50%. This will also reduce the weight and raw material cost of the assembly. 

Certification / Standards
·    AS9100 Rev D
·    IATF 16949:2016
·    ISO 13485:2016
·    ISO 14001:2015
·    ISO 9100:2009
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