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Hotpressing of brass, aluminium, copper ander and other special alloys.

Offer: Service classes (5)
Etching, anodizing, passivation and electropolishing
Further heat and surface treatment
Grinding, polishing, vibratory finishing (trowalising), blasting
Surface cleaning
Surface finishing
Assembly services
Automation, robotic systems
Engineering and construction
QM and QA services
Further education and training
Offer: Product classes (4)
Metals – raw materials and semi-finished products
Drive systems
Electrical engineering
Hydraulics and pneumatics
Joining systems
General tools and accessories
Occupational safety
Further software, IT
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Simona Piffaretti


Pero-Press is a Swiss firm since 1985 specialized in hot pressing of brass, aluminum, copper and other alloys.

All our productions can also be machined with our CNC-machining centers. Since July 2017 we opened a new department for polishing our components in brass.

In addition we offer every particular surface finishing requested (such as sand-blasting, nickel, tin and silver/gold-plating).


The tools for the production machines, based of the drawings from our customers, are created and produced in our own firm.

On our website www.peropress.com you can find a video of our manufacture.

General Information
Company size
11-50 employees
Founded in

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