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Inventec Performance Chemicals offers a complete range of industrial cleaning products for water based processes, but also degreasing solvents, drying and surface treatment products. We also offer solder pastes, fluxes, cleaning and coating products for the electronic assembly


Inventec Performance Chemicals belongs the Dehon Group, an international company with headquarter in Vincennnes, near Paris, France. We have 650 employees all around the world with own subsidiaries in Spain, Hungary, Germany, Benelux, USA, Mekico, China, Malaysia, Switzerland. We have distributors in Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Israel, United Kingdom, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, South Africa, Australia and Philippines.

Our main object is to offer our customers products respecting the environment and the health of the operators.

We help you to find out the right cleaning process through tests in our different laboratories in different countries.

We help you in the qualification of new solder pastes for the electronic assembly.

We can also put you in contact with our different partners manufacturing cleaning machines and installations for the electronic assembly.

Inventec Performance Chemicals

Pascal Verplaetse

Sales Manager

Tel. +41 (0)78 679 43 45


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