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FPM Holding GmbH

Manufacture of mechanical precision parts and components made of metal and plastic material / CNC milling / CNC 5-axis milling / CNC turning / supply of ready-to-install parts / all requested surface treatments can be realized

Offer: Service classes (2)
Additive manufacturing
Etching, anodizing, passivation and electropolishing
Grinding, polishing, vibratory finishing (trowalising), blasting
Surface cleaning

FPM Holding GmbH Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik can look back on a long tradition in manufacture of precision measuring instruments, geodetic and nautical instruments and the realization of custom-made devices.


We use our experience and expertise to manufacture precision engineering parts and assembly groups and supply ready-to-install, high-quality components in small and medium-sized quantities to our customers.


State of the art CNC machining centres allow us to make excellent precision parts made of metal and plastic which are used in the optics and medicine industry as well as for special measuring equipment.

Certification / Standards
·    ISO 9001:2015
General Information
Company size
11-50 employees
Founded in
Freiberg, Germany

FPM Holding GmbH
Hainichener Strasse 2a
09599 Freiberg

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