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Innovative services in the areas of adhesive and surface technologyAPM Technica AG relies on decades of experience in the fields of adhesive and surface technology. Constant innovation always at the highest quality level.

Offer: Service classes (6)
Etching, anodizing, passivation and electropolishing
Further heat and surface treatment
Surface cleaning
Surface finishing
Assembly services
Automation, robotic systems
Engineering and construction
R&D, business development, universities
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Plastics – raw materials and semi-finished products
Joining systems
Sealing systems
Chemical products, operating materials
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APM Technica


APM Technica AG is a full service provider in the areas of adhesive and surface technology and also sells products from well-known manufacturers. The history of the company begins in 2002 as a management buy-out of the "materials and process engineering" profit centre of Leica Geosystems AG.


The core markets of APM Technica include Switzerland, Europe and Asia. Thanks to a branch in the Philippines founded in 2006, the supply of the Asian market was further improved. In 2008, APM Holding AG took over Beam Consulting and in 2009, Abatech in La Chaux-de-Fonds, specially operating in the area of watches and jewellery, as the company works closely together with the watch-making industry. In 2011, a GmbH was founded in Germany, in order to be able to serve customers within the EU. Polyscience AG, purely a trading house in Cham, was integrated into the company in 2011.

Since its foundation in 2002, the company has grown from around 19 to 135 employees and generates an annual turnover of around 22 million francs.                                             

APM Technica AG offers highly specialised solutions in the area of surface and adhesive technology. APM Technica sells leading commercial products, but also manufactures adhesive products adapted to the customer for special applications itself. Customers and their requirements come from the areas of the optics, equipment assembly, electronics, plastic processing and automotive as well as increasingly from medical technology. Customers also use the company's own contract and component production, for example, for bonding and soldering under the microscope in a clean room or the coating of plastic or mineral glass with anti-scratch and/or anti-fog coatings. Furthermore, APM offers the parylene coating technology.

With the modification of adhesives as well as with customer-specific packaging, APM Technica positions itself in a market niche. The APM Technica recipe for success: APM Technica offers more individual and specific adhesive solutions and surface pretreatments, which are maximally adapted to the requirement of the customer – essentially, Swiss precision.

APM Technica AG works closely together with universities, institutes and technology companies. Furthermore, it is a member of various work and research groups, for example, Nanocluster Bodensee or Medtech.

On 1 March 2018, the employees at the headquarters in Heerbrugg celebrated the opening of a new

300 m2 clean room. APM has increased its capacity with foresight. The new room corresponds to class 5. Additionally, flow boxes were installed in the new clean rooms.

APM Technica is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, IATF16949 and its laboratory and environmental simulation is ISO 17025 accredited.


General Information
Company size
101-500 employees
Founded in
Heerbrugg , Switzerland
Max-Schmidheinystrasse 201
9435 Heerbrugg

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